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My awesome engrish birthday cake, this is how it came from the shop!

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TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. And two weeks ago my appetite came back, which makes this birthday the best kind!

I went out for breakfast to Dee’s Kitchen in Dromana

The breakfast was ok. The cake, which I brought home for later, was exceptional.

Happy days





Tiny birthday cake ^_^ (Taken with instagram)

Photo Set

Today, in all honesty was probably the most momentous lunch I have ever embarked upon in my whole entire life. Invited to my friend Ash’s place to attend what was dubbed “National empanada day” I knew I was in for a treat.Her grandparents of Chilean heritage were sure to teach me a thing or two about glorious, glorious food, so glorious in fact, it’s almost 11pm and I’m only just feeling the movement being revived in my previously food comatose body.

After some initial food-shyness I was brave enough to venture into the kitchen to try and offer some kind of assistance, folding the empanada closed in a refined and aesthetically pleasing way is seriously hard though, luckily folding has nothing to do with taste… ultimately I became a superstitious mess of a woman when love hearts kept appearing in the food I was preparing striking fear into my tiny relationship-phobe heart.

All in all, as I attempt not to ramble on, we ended up with about 10 billion empanadas, made with love and plenty of friends. Today was the kind of day I wish I had more of. As for empanadas, I think I can wait until tomorrow for more ^_^